sell 1000 GRC = 0.00 TRX

buy 1000 GRC = 0.00 TRX

You have: 0 GRC

Sell for 0.00 TRX

Calculate GRC buying price

input number of tokens

Buy for 0.00 TRX

Your income per 7 days:


7 days income = citizens * prosperity
Input address of your kingdom

Kingdom prosperity level: 0%

Set +10 prosperity

Kingdom defence level: 100% + 0%

Set +10 defence

Number of citizens: 0

Add 1 citizen = 100 GRC

Add 0 citizens

Number of warriors: 0
+ 0% to defence

Add 1 warrior = 100 GRC

Add 0 warriors

Wait for attack is finished...
[!!!] Finish the attack
Start an attack

War events

There was no wars...


Contract address: TXhsZH3GQRQuwAptUbgDDwZSAk1ddSGHZD
To purchase GRC tokens, enter their number in the appropriate field and click the button "BUY for ... TRX"
You will need a browser extension to play: TronLink or TronPay.
Tokens can be exchanged for citizens or warriors. To do this, use the interactive interface of the game.
You can increase or decrease the levels of prosperity and defence of the Kingdom, 10 percents per transaction..
If your kingdom have warriors, you can attack random kingdom!
You can attack one time in 12 hours.
The attack occurs in 2 transactions. The first to START an ATTACK, the second to COMPLETE the ATTACK.
If you don't complete the attack, it will end automatically, a bit later
If the attack failed (random pointed to your Kingdom), it can be repeated immediately.
to earn
to attack

About "Green Rabbit"

Welcome to Green Rabbit's smart Kingdom!

Here you can collect or earn GRC tokens (Green Rabbit's Coins) and sell it for TRX(TRON).

Attention: purchase price more than sale price by 11.1%

The price of GRC tokens will be increased by 1% per day.

For create the kingdom, you should to spend GRC tokens for increasing the number of citizens or warriors of your Kingdom. Each kingdom have prosperity and defence levels.

If you want to be just an investor, don't add citizens or warriors and your kingdom won't be created.

Each citizen of your Kingdom will pay tribute to you. One citizen pays tribute equal kingdom prosperity, per 7 days.

Your warriors can attack random kingdoms and can pick up their coins and to take the prisoners. One warrior can pick up number of GRC equal (100 - attacked kingdom defence). The number of prisoners by the formula [Number of attacked residents * (100 - protection level)/10/100], but if you have few warriors, instead of the number of citizens in the formula will be the number of your warriors.

If your Kingdom has [warriors number = citizens number], your defense increases by 10%, if you have [warriors = citizens X 2], then +20% to defence.

After the attack, the number of your warriors will be reduced by the formula [Number of your warriors X (100-defense level)/10 / 100], if attacked has more than 9999 GRC, 99 and more citizens and more warriors than citizens. But if attacked citizens were few, instead of the number of warriors in the formula will be the number of attacked citizens.

Attention! You can lost part of your coins and citizens, if your defence is not high and your kingdom would be under attack. The casualties depend on the number of attackers. Maximum, with one attack, you can lose citizens in a percentage equal to (100 - level of defence, divided by 10).